NDNH Explanation of Fees

The fees described below apply to all users, unless superseded by a specific agreement negotiated between the user and the Nevada Natural Heritage Program. Most standard requests are processed within 1-2 weeks.

Species location records are typically supplied electronically as ESRI shapefiles or a personal geodatabase. Simple species lists are supplied electronically in Excel or PDF format. Hard copies can be requested and will be delivered via US mail. An invoice is sent via US mail along with each data response and becomes past due 30 days hence; no requests will be processed for users with past due accounts. Prepayment may be required for very large requests or users with a history of late payments.

Standard fees: The following frequently requested services are charged standard rates to simplify record-keeping and reduce overall costs. Fees include all related staff time, computer access, photocopies, and other expenses.

  • Standard search: Search area includes a buffer zone. Please contact us if you have any questions, need additional details, or would like to request a quote prior to submitting a formal request.
    • No records returned: NO CHARGE.
    • Records returned: $50.00 minimum charge, subject to our data limitations and restrictions. If greater than 25 records returned, fees are calculated based on the following sliding scale:
      •  First 500 records: $2.00/record
      • Additional records up to 1,000: $1.00/record
      • Additional records more than 1,000: $0.50/record
      • Maximum charge: $5,000
  • Database subscription: Supplied as ESRI shapefiles or a personal geodatabase containing complete species location records for all or part of the state. Please contact us for additional details.
    • First calendar year: 100% of the standard search fees outlined above under standard search.
    • Subsequent consecutive calendar years: each update, 40% of the standard search fee, based on the number of records found each time. To qualify for the 40% rate, at least one update must be requested in each consecutive calendar year following the first year, each update must be for the same portion of the state covered in the first year, and updates must be requested at least 6 months apart (no early requests). Otherwise, the first-year rate will apply.
  • Other: Staff time for field work (add standard state travel rates), research, scanning, or other special projects unrelated to standard data requests: $40.00 per hour.

There is also no charge for reasonable phone inquiries about the biology or status of particular species or areas when they do not require database access.


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