Gov. Sisolak launches new State of Nevada Climate Initiative

CARSON CITY, NV - Today, Governor Steve Sisolak launched the new State of Nevada Climate Initiative (NCI) to further advance Nevada’s efforts to address climate change. This first-of-a-kind initiative includes the unveiling of the NCI website,, to serve as the State’s official online climate resource providing a Nevada-wide framework for climate action.

“I am proud to lead Nevada’s effort to take aggressive, needed action on climate change in our great state through my new Nevada Climate Initiative,” said Governor Sisolak. “Tackling climate change will require continued action on multiple fronts, and we all must be part of the solution.”

A key pillar of the initiative is robust public engagement and input from Nevada residents to help inform and guide Nevada’s climate action. As such, the NCI website includes an online public survey and a schedule of virtual listening sessions to provide all Nevadans with the opportunity to share their input and perspectives to help guide development of a new State Climate Strategy as required under Governor Sisolak’s Executive Order on Climate Change (Climate EO).

The State Climate Strategy will provide the needed framework for Nevada policymakers to evaluate the alignment of various climate policies and programs with the timelines and benchmarks necessary for Nevada to achieve greenhouse gas emission reduction goals established by the Legislature in 2019 and reinforced in the Governor’s Climate EO and Nevada’s membership in the U.S. Climate Alliance.

Nevadans are encouraged to take the online survey and register for the virtual listening sessions at to weigh in on a variety of climate topics, including clean transportation policies, energy-efficient homes and buildings, renewable energy, climate justice focused on socio-economic and urban/rural disparities, and more. For questions, please email

“The growing effects of climate change are already being felt in all corners of the Silver State, impacting our collective public health, threatening our natural landscapes and limited water resources, and challenging the vibrancy of our communities and economy. For the sake of our future, and our children’s future, we must take bold action to stem the negative impacts of climate change while moving quickly to capture the economic benefits of creating sustainable communities throughout Nevada,” Gov Sisolak added. “I want to thank the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy for leading the effort under my Administration to develop smart, strategic climate policies and guide the resources needed for Nevada to meet its established climate goals. Effectively tackling climate change will require coordinated Nevada-wide efforts to minimize the harmful impacts of climate while working to foster a sustainable, resilient, climate-friendly future for Nevada.”

The State of Nevada Climate Initiative, under Governor Sisolak, serves as the home of climate action across Nevada. To learn more about the State of Nevada Climate Initiative, visit and follow @NevClimate on Facebook and Twitter using #NevClimateAction.