Nevada Division of Forestry to review expanded protection for rare Nevada buckwheat wildflower

Nevada Division of Forestry to review expanded protection for rare Nevada buckwheat wildflower species

Nevada is home to more than 150 plant species that live exclusively in our state, including the Tiehm buckwheat, a rare desert wildflower that is only known to exist in particular geologic conditions in the Silver Peak Range of Esmeralda County. Since its discovery in 1985, the Nevada Division of Natural Heritage has monitored the status and risks to the Tiehm buckwheat in its native habitat. Until recently, the species did not face any significant impacts in its remote location in Nevada. In recent years, however, there has been increased interest in and exploration for mining critical minerals, such as lithium, in the buckwheat’s limited known habitat.

Given these developments, in November 2019, the Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF) announced that it would undertake a comprehensive review to determine if enhanced protection under state law is needed for the rare Tiehm buckwheat. As part of this process, NDF will be hosting two public workshops, as follows, to gather input surrounding the status of the Tiehm buckwheat and to discuss the possibility of adding the species to Nevada’s List of Fully Protected Species of Native Flora (pursuant to NAC 527.010):

When: April 3, 2020, from 1pm - 3pm
Where: Tonopah Convention Center (301 Brougher Ave., Tonopah)

When: April 10, 2020, from 9am - 12pm
Where: Richard H. Bryan Building, Tahoe Hearing Room located on the 2nd floor (901 S. Stewart St., Carson City). This workshop will also be video conferenced at the Grant Sawyer Building, Red Rock Conference Room (2080 E. Flamingo Rd, #319, Las Vegas)

Input from the public and the use of the best available science will help guide the appropriate path forward in determining whether further protections for Tiehm buckwheat are necessary. If NDF decides to pursue adding Tiehm buckwheat to the State List of Fully Protected Species of Native Flora, a formal announcement will be made at a future public hearing.

As part of its mission, the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is committed to protecting Nevada’s precious native species and sustaining the state’s diverse biological heritage. For more information on the upcoming Tiehm buckwheat public workshops, please call 775-684-2500.