New partnership enhances wildlife habitat, strengthens NV’s clean energy economy

New sagebrush conservation partnership will enhance wildlife habitat and strengthen Nevada’s clean energy economy

The Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is excited to announce that Ormat Technologies, Inc and Crawford Cattle LLC are partnering to protect vital sagebrush habitat in Humboldt County while simultaneously advancing development of clean energy infrastructure for Nevada. This formalized partnership agreement was established through Nevada’s innovative sagebrush conservation tool called the Conservation Credit System (“CCS”), a market-based platform overseen by the stakeholder-driven Nevada Sagebrush Ecosystem Program.

In conjunction with the Baltazor Geothermal Development Project located near Denio, Ormat has purchased 292 conservation credits to preserve over 8,740 acres of sagebrush habitat in Humboldt County, benefitting the Greater Sage-grouse and hundreds of other native wildlife species for the next 30 years.

“Nevada’s innovative sagebrush conservation credit program continues to build momentum in Nevada and lead other western states in establishing tangible, on the ground protections for sage grouse and the sagebrush habitat this iconic species depends on,” said Bradley Crowell, Director of the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. “The success of the Nevada credit system also demonstrates that healthy ecosystems and economic growth can go hand-in-hand. I commend Ormat Nevada and Winnemucca-based Crawford Cattle for their commitment to protecting Nevada's iconic Greater Sage-grouse species, while helping advance our State’s efforts to address climate change though responsible development of Nevada’s abundant renewable energy resources."

“Sustainability has been part of Ormat’s corporate DNA since our inception and continues to be the inspiration behind the products and services we offer,” said Paul Thomsen, Vice President at Ormat. “The Conservation Credit program enables us to enhance Nevada’s natural lands and wildlife ecosystems while mitigating climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and advancing energy efficiency through the development of new, state-of-the-art renewable facilities.”

Shane Hall, Crawford’s Ranch and Operations Manager added, “It’s been a pleasure partnering with Ormat, resulting in both entities contributing to the preservation of sagebrush habitat and the western ranching way of life. Additionally, we’d like to thank our partners in the Nevada Conservation Credit System and KCoe Conservation who have worked tirelessly to make this a win for the State of Nevada, Greater Sage-grouse habitat, ranching, and the Geothermal industry.”

The Greater Sage-grouse is considered an “indicator species,” emblematic of the health of sagebrush habitat it shares with more than 350 other kinds of native wildlife, including world-class populations of mule deer, elk, pronghorn, and golden eagles. Proactive and coordinated sagebrush conservation measures, such as the Nevada CCS program, are essential to ensure the long-term health and viability of the sensitive Greater Sage-grouse bird species, both in Nevada and across the West.

Over the last couple years, Nevada’s CCS program has underpinned the protection and preservation of more than 20,300 acres of sagebrush habitat across the Silver State’s rangelands through coordinated, partnership-driven efforts. As one of Nevada’s most successful and proactive sagebrush conservation programs, the CCS provides opportunities for landowners and industry to be partners in conservation while allowing for sustainable and responsible multiple-use in the sagebrush ecosystem.

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