$950,000 in grants available for Off-Highway Vehicle projects

The Nevada Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles is pleased to announce that approximately $950,000 in grant funding is available for off-highway vehicle (OHV) projects in Nevada. The application and instructions are available online at ohv.nv.gov/grant-program. Applications are due by November 1, 2018. The Nevada Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles will award the OHV grants in December 2018.

The State’s grant funding is generated by the registration fees of OHVs in Nevada. Administered by the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the Nevada Off-Highway Vehicles Program promotes safe and responsible use of Nevada's outstanding opportunities for off-road recreation. The Nevada Off-Highway Vehicles Program provides grants to fund OHV related projects throughout Nevada, including trail improvements, mapping, signage, law enforcement, education, safety training, restoration, and other projects.

“Each year, the Nevada Off-Highway Vehicles Program looks forward to supporting OHV projects that encourage safe and memorable outdoor adventures,” said Jenny Scanland, Executive Secretary of the Nevada Off-Highway Vehicles Program. “Nevada’s phenomenal OHV trails provide off-road enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy our inspiring natural surroundings, diverse wildlife, and unique vistas – in every corner of the state.”  

Previous OHV grant projects include the Logandale Trails trailhead facilities, Nevada Outdoor School OHV education, Kokopelli ATV Club trail marking, maintenance of the Shoshone, Peavine Mt., and Ranger Trail, and the new Nevada Trail Maps Collaborative. To view video clips highlighting previous OHV grant projects, please visit ohv.nv.gov/grant-recipients.

For more information, visit ohv.nv.gov or contact Jenny Scanland at 775-684-2794 or jscanland@ohv.nv.gov.