Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

The Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (NDCNR) is one of Nevada’s larger and more multifaceted State agencies, with over 900 employees dedicated to protecting, managing, and enhancing Nevada’s natural, cultural, and recreational resources. As part of its mission, NDCNR engages with a broad range of stakeholders to address Nevada’s many challenges and opportunities head-on, including clean air and water, climate change, wildfire, forest health, drought,

sustainable and equitable outdoor recreation, land management, responsible hard rock and critical minerals mining, sagebrush habitat protection, historic resource preservation, and much more. NDCNR consists of 12 divisions and pillar programs that are collectively focused on putting science into action to advance a healthy, sustainable, vibrant future for the benefit of all Nevadans and visitors for generations to come. Learn more about our divisions and programs by visiting their websites below.

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