Public meeting scheduled for project update on Anaconda Copper Mine Site cleanup

With the first phase of the Anaconda Copper Mine Site (Site) cleanup project well underway, the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) is hosting a public meeting to share status updates and progress. The meeting will be virtual and will be conducted using an online platform where the public and stakeholders can join from personal computers or by phone. The online meeting will be held Tuesday, December 7, 2021, from 6:00PM – 7:30PM.

Since the last virtual public meeting held in September 2020, all investigation reports for the Site have been completed and approved by NDEP. This includes investigation reports for the northern and southern areas of the site. Currently, human health and ecological risk assessment reports are being prepared for the northern areas of the Site, including groundwater. These risk assessments will support the upcoming draft evaluation of cleanup options, which is scheduled to be submitted to NDEP in June 2022. Pending NDEP approval of the evaluation of cleanup options, NDEP will prepare a proposed plan for public comment prior to approval of the second cleanup phase for the site.

Cleanup associated with the former Arimetco mining operation began in August 2019 with the construction of five new evaporation ponds to contain fluids from former mining operations. The construction of the evaporation ponds was completed in August 2020. In June 2021, Atlantic Richfield Company (ARC) began regrading and capping the large Arimetco ore piles on site, which is the final task to be completed under the first cleanup phase. This work is anticipated to be completed by mid-year 2023.

Site cleanup construction activities are on track to be complete by 2029, with necessary operation, maintenance, and monitoring activities continuing thereafter. As part of its mission, NDEP remains committed to continuously engaging area community members and stakeholders throughout the Site cleanup project.

Information from the last public meeting and a timeline of recent and future site closure activities are available online at

Persons wishing to obtain the virtual meeting access information and agenda may view it at the website link below seven days prior to the date of the virtual meetings.