NDF promotes wildfire awareness with new exhibit at the Sparks Museum & Cultural Center

Sparks, NV – Advancing its mission to engage and inform Nevadans about the importance of protecting our communities and precious natural resources from wildfires, the Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF) is excited to unveil a new exhibit at the Sparks Museum & Cultural Center detailing what happens before, during, and after a wildfire.

Featuring vibrant imagery and engaging displays, the new exhibit provides visitors of all ages with opportunities to discover strategies used to combat wildfires, steps folks can take to help protect their communities from wildfires, and the vital work to restore Nevada’s lands to their natural beauty and function after a wildfire. The exhibit is open to the public now through January 9, 2021.

Now, more than ever, collaborative efforts to prevent wildfires and restore impacted landscapes serve as the key to protecting Nevada. Already the driest state in the nation with naturally fire-prone vegetation, combined with the ever-growing impacts of climate change and record-breaking heatwaves in recent years, collectively fuel high-risk wildfire conditions in Nevada. In fact, in 2020 alone, Nevada has seen more than 700 wildfires scorch over 250,000 acres of land. Fortunately, by being proactive and working together, many of these fires can be prevented.

“In Nevada, we recognize that our community members are integral to protecting the Silver State from wildfires,” said Kacey KC, Nevada State Forester Firewarden. “I want to thank our partners at the Sparks Museum & Cultural Center for supporting wildfire awareness education and outreach with this fantastic exhibit. Creating opportunities for visitors to learn about the many facets of wildfire firsthand is invaluable in creating fire-safe communities and fire-resilient ecosystems for Nevada.”

Information provided at the exhibit details:

  • The importance of defensible space around your home
  • How to develop and implement an emergency evacuation plan
  • The risks of cheat grass encroachment in our meadows and rangelands
  • The importance of a healthy sagebrush ecosystem

For more information about the exhibit, and the Sparks Museum & Cultural Center, including location and hours of operation, please visit http://sparksmuseum.org/event/nevada-division-of-forestry-before-during-and-after-the-fire/.