Nevadans encouraged to celebrate America Recycles Day by showcasing their creativity

CARSON CITY, NV ─ As part of our mission to foster a “greener” Nevada, the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection’s Recycling Program is excited to promote awareness about the importance of recycling and reusing through this year’s “Creative Reuse Showcase” statewide art show. To participate, simply make an artistic creation using things you may not use anymore and submit your sustainable show of imagination through our online entry form at by October 28, 2020.

“Every year, we look forward to hosting our statewide recycled art contest to engage Nevadans of all ages in fostering a vibrant and sustainable future in fun and creative ways,” said Greg Lovato, Administrator at NDEP. “While we are not able to do the Recycled Art Contest this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nevada Recycles Program still wants to encourage community members to repurpose recyclable materials and make them into something new and beautiful again. We are looking to forward to seeing all of the creative, inventive, and innovative creations that our residents are able to assemble from items that would otherwise become waste.”

What type of artistic items can you make from recycled materials? The possibilities are endless. Be creative, repurpose items headed to the landfill and transform them into an “upcycled” craft.

Entries will be featured on the Nevada Recycles website, the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources social media channels (@NevDCNR), and all participants will receive a set of To-Go Bamboo Utensils to help further the reduction of plastic waste that heads to our landfills.

Based on residential and commercial sector data, Nevadans and area tourists throw away approximately 5.9 pounds of trash, per person, per day; that means approximately four million tons of trash enters a Nevada landfill each year. By practicing sustainable techniques, like the creative reuse of everyday objects, we can significantly reduce the amount of materials that become waste.

This artistic exhibit is being conducted in celebration of America Recycles Day, which is Sunday, November 15. For more information about the exhibit, rules, and submission guidelines, visit