New tool to preserve historic resources from the African American Civil Rights journey in Nevada

Carson City, Nv - Whether it is the site of the 1910 Johnson-Jeffries fight in Reno that established Nevada as a live-entertainment destination, or the Harrison House in Las Vegas where African-American performers stayed in the era of segregation, the State of Nevada is home to many iconic buildings and landmarks that have helped shape the  story of the Civil Rights Movement in the Silver State. Beyond the most well-known locations, there are many that are yet to be discovered. 

Commissioned in 2019 and funded by the National Park Service, “The African American Civil Rights Experience in Nevada, 1900-1979” cultural resource guide is now available to help identify significant historic events and locations throughout Nevada that played an integral role in the African American pursuit of civil rights.

“We are excited to further Nevada-wide efforts to recognize and commemorate the many diverse cultural and historic treasures that tell the story of Nevada,” said Rebecca Palmer, Administrator of the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office. “The past, and the significant resources that come from it, contribute to Nevada’s unique story and authentic sense of place. Nevada has a rich history with strong ties to the Civil Rights movement, and our hope is to elevate those stories by identifying physical structures and landmarks relevant to the story of African Americans in Nevada.”

“Serving as an Advisory Committee member of this project, I can confidently say that the compilation of information in this comprehensive document promises to be an outstanding tool for future historic preservation efforts in Nevada,” said Brenda Williams, former Las Vegas City Councilwoman, Author, and the Founder and President of the historic Westside School Alumni Foundation. “My hope is that this resource brings to light many of the great stories of the Black experience in Nevada, beyond the scope of what is commonly known or written about.”

Developed by the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office, this dynamic resource is designed to provide an overview of how to:

  • Identify locations and resources of significance to the African American Civil Rights movement in Nevada
  • Assess locations and resources to determine their significance using an established evaluation framework
  • Support efforts from groups seeking to add properties or landmarks to the National Register of Historic Places

This comprehensive African American cultural assessment tool will influence the future of land and property analysis in Nevada for generations to come.

Additionally, it will assist agencies, local governments, students, advocacy groups, preservation non-profits, and other interested parties in identifying and designating historic sites and cultural resources. This prestigious designation with the National Register of Historic Places can increase their visibility, access to funding, and enhance the educational opportunities throughout these locations for residents and visitors interested in the historic treasures from Nevada’s contributions to the Civil Rights movement. 

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This project has been partially funded by the African American Civil Rights program of the Historic Preservation Fund, National Park Service, and Department of the Interior. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material do not constitute endorsement or necessarily reflect the views of the Department of the Interior or U.S. Government.