Drought Affected Categories

Some parts of Nevada are suffering from moderate to severe drought conditions. Recently, the USDA has designated 11 counties in Nevada as primary natural disaster areas. Those counties are: Churchill, Humboldt, Nye, Clark, Lander, Pershing, Douglas, Lyon, Washoe, Esmeralda, Mineral. University of Nevada Cooperative Extension has compiled this list of drought resources related to crops, livestock, landscape and garden, and community planning. UNR Cooperative Extension

Lawn and Garden

Homeowners and landscapers will find useful information to help them design, install and maintain landscapes and gardens during drought conditions, such as information on low-water-use gardening, low-water-use landscape plants, water conservation, water harvesting, mulch selection and soil amendments, water-efficient landscaping, well management and lawn maintenance. Living with Drought - Lawn and Garden


Ranchers and rangeland managers will find useful information to help them manage their land, animals and businesses during drought conditions, such as information on reducing herds, drought-tolerant rangeland and pasture vegetation, infrastructure strategies for coping with drought, availability of water for animals, how drought affects plants and how long herds can graze. Living with Drought - Livestock


Agriculture producers will find useful information to help them manage their crops and land during drought conditions, such as irrigation strategies for drought conditions and alternative low-water-use and rotation crops. Living with Drought - Crops


As land and vegetation becomes dryer as drought conditions persist, the danger that wildfire poses to homes and inhabitants becomes greater. Find out steps to take now that will increase your homes' chances of surviving a wildfire. Also find the wildfire potential outlook. Living with Drought - Wildfire


Find useful, up-to-date information on how the drought may be affecting your outdoor recreation plans, such as boating, fishing and camping.