$2.2 million in grants available for urban & community forest projects

The Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF) is pleased to announce the availability of approximately $2.2 million in funding from two competitive grant programs to assist communities with the implementation of projects that support urban and community forestry goals. Both programs receive federal funding from the USDA Forest Service, with the goal of promoting tree planting, fostering sustainable urban forestry initiatives, facilitating workforce development, and enhancing community tree care across the state. Eligible applicants, including local governments, educational institutions, Native American tribal governments, and non-profit organizations, are encouraged to apply.

Application deadline is January 5, 2024.

Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Urban & Community Forestry Grant Program

NDF is currently accepting applications for the IRA Urban & Community Forestry Grant Program. Approximately $2.1 million in funding is available from the USDA Forest Service for projects that promote urban forestry objectives, such as workforce development, community tree care, and sustainable management of urban canopies. Proposals are welcome for Program Development and Urban Tree Canopy Management Projects, as well as Planting and Education Projects. Projects eligible for consideration must serve disadvantaged communities identified through the Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool or include students from a Title 1 school.

Community Forestry Assistance Grants

NDF is currently accepting applications for Community Forestry Assistance Grants, with a focus on enhancing urban tree canopies. These grants provide a maximum award of $25,000 for each approved application, requiring a 20% match, culminating in $100,000 in federal funding available for Nevada-based projects. Submissions are invited for Urban and Community Forestry Program Development, Urban Tree Canopy Management Projects and Planting and Education Projects. Eligible projects are expected to align with Federal and State Program objectives for urban forestry, as outlined in the Ten Year National Urban and Community Forestry Action Plan and/or the 2020 Nevada Forest, Range, and Watershed Action Plan. Broadly, proposals aiming to develop, reinforce, and expand urban canopies are welcome for consideration.

For more information on Urban & Community Forestry Grants, contact NDF Urban & Community Program Coordinator, Cayenne Engel, at (702) 683-0639 or NDF-UCFGrants@forestry.nv.gov.