Adam Sullivan appointed Nevada State Engineer

Adam Sullivan appointed as Nevada State Engineer, Administrator of Nevada Division of Water Resources

The Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (NDCNR) is excited to announce that Adam Sullivan has been appointed to serve as Nevada’s 24th State Engineer and Administrator of the Department’s Division of Water Resources (NDWR). Sullivan was named Acting State Engineer in November 2020, when the previous State Engineer, Tim Wilson, retired after 25 years of State service. As State Engineer, Sullivan will lead NDWR in its mission to conserve, protect, and manage Nevada’s limited water resources for the benefit of current and future generations of Nevadans.

Sullivan has worked on all aspects of water resources throughout Nevada for more than 20 years and has been with NDWR since 2009. Over the years, he has been at the forefront of tackling many of Nevada’s most complex water issues, with a focus on leveraging the best available science to guide responsible water management decisions and actively collaborating with the  broad range of stakeholders and communities across the state. Under Sullivan’s leadership, the Division will continue to proactively address water issues that affect all Nevadans – including increasing demand for limited water resources, floods and prolonged drought, dam safety, and sustainment of our wetlands and freshwater ecosystems – all within the over-arching context of Nevada’s rapidly growing population and the accelerating impacts of climate change occurring in all corners of Nevada.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak expressed his support for Sullivan’s appointment as State Engineer and NDWR Administrator: “Adam’s deep knowledge and forward-looking leadership will be instrumental in thoughtfully managing Nevada’s limited water resources in the years ahead. As the driest and one of the fastest-growing states in the nation, coupled with the increasing impacts of climate change including extreme drought, Nevada’s State Engineer plays a pivotal role in managing Nevada’s water resources and advancing contemporary water management policies and tools for the benefit of all Nevadans. Responsible water management is a critical and integral part of Nevada’s economic wellbeing and my administration is committed to tackling our most challenging water issues head-on in partnership with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the State Engineer’s Office.”

NDCNR Director Bradley Crowell echoed the Governor’s comments, adding: “We are very fortunate to have Adam Sullivan lead our Division of Water Resources during this critical and transformative time of water management in Nevada. His leadership will play a vital role in the State’s capacity to manage complex water challenges, while ensuring a vibrant and sustainable water future for all Nevadans. I am confident that Adam will continue to advance progress on the many critical water issues and policies that affect Nevada.”

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