Categorical exclusion for McGill Ruth Sewer and Water District

McGill Ruth Sewer and Water (MRSW) operates a community wastewater treatment system that serves the area of McGill, located in White Pine County, Nevada. MRSW has applied for funding from the Nevada Clean Water State Revolving Loan Fund (CWSRF) to construct a new lined wastewater pond, relocated bar screen and new piping of the headworks. An existing wastewater pond will also be rehabilitated, and an aeration system installed. 

The Nevada Administrative Code (NAC), in Sections NAC 445A.742 to 445A.762, inclusive, outlines the environmental review procedures to be followed by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) to be consistent with the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The sewer rehabilitation project qualifies for a Categorical Exclusion under NAC 445A.744. As specified in NAC 445A.744(2), the project will qualify for a Categorical Exclusion because it engages in (b) Any action in a sewered community which is for minor upgrading or minor expansion of existing treatment works. A significant negative effect on the quality of the environment by this project is unlikely. 

Consultation with appropriate cross-cutting agencies will be completed prior to signing a final commitment of financial assistance. No wetlands, floodplains, agricultural lands, or significant fish or wildlife species or habitats are affected by the project. No national landmarks or property with nationally significant historic, architectural, prehistoric, archeological, or cultural value will be affected by the project. The State Historic Preservation Office concurrence will be obtained prior to commencing the construction of the project. Native American entities that may have interest in the general project area will be given an opportunity to provide their comments and feedback. Best management practices will be utilized during construction.

Persons wishing to obtain further information regarding the project should submit their comments no later than April 24, 2023. Comments can be made via email, or via mail:

Elizabeth Kingsland
Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, Office of Financial Assistance
901 South Stewart Street, Suite 4001, Carson City, NV  89701-5249

A link to NDEP’s public notices can be found at: