Nevada State Engineer King retires, Acting State Engineer named

CARSON CITY, Nev. – After 28 years of service to the State of Nevada, State Engineer Jason King retired on Friday, January 11, 2019.  With King’s retirement, Bradley Crowell, Director of the Nevada Department of Conservation & Natural Resources (NDCNR), has appointed Tim Wilson to serve as Acting State Engineer and Administrator of the Nevada Division of Water Resources (NDWR).  Wilson has been with NDWR since 1995 and currently serves as Deputy Administrator. 

King was appointed Nevada State Engineer in 2010 as part of his tenure with NDCNR’s Division of Water Resources beginning in 1991. During his time with NDWR, King worked as a hydraulic engineer, Chief of the Engineering and Dam Safety Section, Chief of the Water Rights Section, and Deputy Administrator. As Nevada’s top water regulator, King proactively addressed many of Nevada’s most pressing water resource issues, in addition to serving as a member of the State Environmental Commission, and leading former Governor Sandoval’s Drought Forum.

Nevada’s new Governor, Steve Sisolak, expressed his thanks to King and support for Wilson’s appointment as Acting Administrator. “I am grateful for Jason’s service to Nevada and his steadfast leadership to thoughtfully managing our precious water resources.  We are in a new era of water management in Nevada, and my administration will continue to tackle our most challenging water issues head-on in partnership with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the next State Engineer.  I am confident Tim Wilson will continue the direction and progress established under Jason’s leadership on the many critical water issues and policies that affect all Nevadans.”

NDCNR Director Bradley Crowell echoed the Governor’s comments, adding: “Jason’s dedication to protecting Nevada’s water resources, and efforts to focus the NDWR on addressing complex issues head-on with perseverance and integrity, has defined his extraordinary service to Nevada. Having set the stage for change, Jason is now passing the torch to Tim Wilson to manage Nevada’s water resources in a manner reflecting the 21st century realities of a rapidly growing state that is also the driest in the nation.  I am confident Tim will succeed in advancing this critical undertaking.” 

The State Engineer’s Office is responsible for the appropriation, adjudication and regulation of all the waters within the State, except for the Colorado River; and has oversight of water well drilling activities, dam safety, water planning, and floodplain management.  The Sate Engineer’s focus on water quantity is done cooperatively with the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection which is responsible for protecting water quality throughout Nevada.