REPORT: Record-breaking Numbers - Outdoor recreation economy surges in Nevada

Record-breaking Numbers: Outdoor recreation economy surges in Nevada, according to U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis 

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) has released economic data for 2021 highlighting the powerful and positive economic impact the outdoor recreation sector has on Nevada’s economy and the U.S. economy overall. 

Nevada’s booming outdoor recreation sector has grown tremendously over the past year, as highlighted by the following key findings from the BEA Report:  

  • The outdoor recreation sector added $4.9 billion to Nevada’s economy 
  • The outdoor recreation sector underpins 50,563 good-paying jobs, representing 3.6% of employment statewide 
  • Nevada saw a significant year-over-year growth in RVing, motorcycling/ATVing, climbing, hiking and camping 

“Nevada’s outdoor recreation economy came roaring back in 2021, reflecting Nevadans’ growing interest in and support of outdoor recreation in the state,” said Colin Robertson, Administrator of the Nevada Division of Outdoor Recreation. “As part of our mission, the Nevada Division of Outdoor Recreation looks forward to continuing to work side-by-side with our many partners to support outdoor businesses and nonprofits of all sizes, while driving a vibrant, sustainable, equitable outdoor sector for Nevada.”

At a national level, the new economic data show outdoor recreation generates $454 billion in economic output, comprises 3% of all U.S. employment, and creates 4.5 million jobs. This is the fifth consecutive year BEA has released government data on this critical industry sector. The report shows how the outdoor industry, which played a vital economic and social role throughout the pandemic, has since sustained remarkable growth and continued to bolster local economies. The outdoor recreation economy came back stronger than ever amid the COVID-19 pandemic and remains a steady source of strength nationally and a booming job creator locally.